Golden Diamond Group (GDG)

The future of international trade with a fair weighted economy for all the people of the world is our goal and plan
Founder CEO

Kamran Navandpour

Founder and CEO

Efficient & Smart of Commercial Trade

The term efficiency of Global Trade can be defined as the ability to achieve an end goal with little to no waste, effort, or energy. Being an efficient trader means you can achieve your results by putting your resources in the best way possible. The deal is efficient if nothing is wasted and all processes are optimized.


Product Supply Service

Supply all orders of customers' goods in the process of Export and Import in all win-win and safe conditions with the sellers and buyers You will find convenient and fast response procedures from our office. We will be with you for "safe and profitable" deals.

Production & development

We will be by your side by investing in production projects and the development of various industries that will bring about economic stability and peace in the countries by providing financial and credit resources.

Product Supply Service

World Wide Shipping & 24 Hours for Customer Service with Operation of various transportation services (Trucking, Ocean freight, Rail-freight. Air-freight & etc.) competitive costs, with WIDE RANGE OF fleets, as well as performing all customs process services

Branding & Marketing

Study and analysis of global markets to assign the best product presentation strategy to profitable and sustainable markets and sales development procedures for products and customer services

Empowering of world's countries

The increasing economic unity between countries with the structure of human morality,
the introduction of universal justice

Agreecalture & Foods
Expensive Metal & Steels
Building & Construction
Electronics & Comminucation
Petrochemical Products
Fossil & Green Fuels
Refineries & Tank Farms
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