Golden Diamond Group

Undoubtedly, the context of world trade and economy is a ground for the growth and stability of the interests and resources of countries in the direction of sustainable development.
Trade between the countries of the world has a long history back to the Silk Road and has always been one of the most basic human concerns to create development and wealth for the welfare of the people of worldwide. The role of quality and introduction of products has the highest priority in classical international marketing. Obviously, in addition to managing costs and creating added value for raw materials, the exchange of goods between countries can also be a source of wealth production.
Since factories in various industries and engineering service centers for development and growth and presence in global markets, have many obstacles, so the Golden Diamond Group has decided to work with the powerful elites in every and each fields and create a relationship between manufacturers and business owners on one hand, and consumers in the target countries, on the other to facilitate and guarantee the access of international markets to provide profitable trading conditions, and provide export discipline to complete the product portfolio of different groups to create a perfect supply and sales cycle in its perfect way.

Golden Diamond Holding Group has four active strategic subsets, which are



Center for Strategic Studies, Research and Training of International Trade


Production and industrial factories


Golden Diamond International Trade and Commerce Collection


Golden Diamond International Investment and Currency Exchanges Services Group

Our activities, departments, and companies

Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Industry
Department of Energy
Department of Chemicals, Industrial Colors and Resins
Department of Mine and Mineral Productions
Food and Drug Administration
Automotive Department
Electronics and Communications Department
Information and Cybernetics Department
Department of Steel Industries
Department of Cosmetic Industry
Clothing and Garment Department
Department of Aerospace
Department of Wood Industries
Department of Agriculture
Economic and Foreign Exchange Department
Department of International Freight and Transportation
Department of Education
International Relations Center
Central Management of Holding
Comprehensive introduction

Golden Diamond Group (GDG) is a specialized and knowledge-based holding company that operates in the field of international markets and specialized research projects in the target countries.

Scope of activity


GDG Customer Call center

Customer Call Center
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