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About Us

 The only way to bring lasting peace is through free economic activity and free international trade, free from all national and political prejudices for all peoples of the world. This is not possible except by launching the Silk Road of New World Trade and transferring the knowledge of trade emergence and awareness in the field of related sciences. In this way, the identity and dignity of all countries will be preserved, and each country will have a share in this global market to the extent of its production and humanitarian capacity. One of the definitions of the theory of "resistance economy" is the utilization of all hardware and software production capacity, in balance with the needs of the markets of all countries with the priority of the country of origin. This definition is not limited to one country but is universal. This strategy requires the infrastructure and national will of the governments of the countries, which will result in prosperity, the production of national wealth, a stable dynamic economy, extensive entrepreneurship, and an increase in the value of the national currency of the countries. At the Golden Diamond Center for Economic Strategy Science, there are all the specialized and effective mechanisms and infrastructures for empowering the business of traders and industries, markets and economies of countries in the field of international trade.

GDG Services

  • Logistic & Customs Services
  • Banking & Exchange Services
  • Company Registering Services
  • GDG Investment Platform
  • Supply Services
  • Consultant & Strategy Planning
  • International Marketing

GDG Activities Field

  • Foods & agriculture
  • Mining industry
  • Antiques and museums
  • Oil & petrochemical
  • Medicine and treatment
  • Automotive industry
  • Expensive metals
  • Building and urban planning
  • Electronics and hi-tech
  • Aviation and airport industries
  • Shipbuilding and maritime services


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Export and Import

An export in international trade is a good or service produced in one country that is sold into another country. The seller of such goods and services is an exporter; the foreign buyer is an importer. Exportation of goods often requires the involvement of customers authorities.

Golden Diamond Group Offices


Mr. Kamran Navandpour

GDG Founder & CEO


Mr. Miaad Arab

Chairman of the Board & Deputy of CEO


Golden Diamond Group 

Investment & International General Trading 

We present "golden investment opportunities" and "profitable economic missions with quick returns" to our business partners based on "accurate and up-to-date economic information" and "countries 'political developments" and in the shadow of "Golden Diamond Center members' specialized studies".
Profitable business and investment opportunities are not always around our lives, and we lose valuable capital and engage in many unprofitable activities due to lack of connection to the right
sources of information and economic worldview. But you can manage your financial resources and time by honest and transparent consultation with international trade experts.
We grow your business by providing information from market monitoring and economic developments in countries.