International Trade Study and Training Center
مركز الدراسات الاستراتيجية والتدريب للتجارة الدولية
Uluslararası Ticaret Stratejik Çalışma ve Eğitim Merkezi
Центр стратегических исследований и обучения международной торговли
مرکز مطالعات استراتژیک و آموزش تجارت بین الملل
Centre d'Etudes Stratégiques et de Formation en Commerce International

Our Message

Play a pivotal role in promoting the international trade of businessmen through training, transfer of knowledge and experience, and development of competencies of businessmen, managers, entrepreneurs, and craftsmen at the national, regional, and international levels in 2030

ITSTC Founder : K.Navandpour


  1. Planning the implementation of training and development programs for businessmen, managers, entrepreneurs, and craftsmen in global trade in accordance with first-class scientific documents and policies of global trade protocols
  2. Education and training of international businessmen to play a pivotal role under strategic, skill, and practical principles
  3. Creation and management of knowledge-based information networks for the production and transfer of knowledge in the field of the international trade system
  4. Mainstreaming global trade based on establishing healthy and secure relationships between real producers and consumers while protecting the rights of traders
  5. Strengthening the foreign exchange strength of industrialists in production-oriented countries to increase wealth and develop sustainable prosperity based on the promotion of modern science and culture of international trade


Establishment and management of the largest international trade training center in the world and gaining one of the top five rankings in promoting the principles and specialized branches of free and floating global trade


Students and members of our center shall be among the top players in regional and global commercial markets.


Training methods at ITSTC

  • Virtual Class - Unscheduled (Online + Exam + Certificate)
  • Distance Learning - Scheduled (Online and Live + Exam + Certificate)
  • Online Webinar (Live Workshop + Certificate)
  • Learning Articles (Self Stady + Q&A + Exam. & Certificate)
  • Learning Media (Self Stady + Q&A + Exam. & Certificate)

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You can now enroll in international business courses with various specialties in the form of online and face-to-face classes.
Lesson plans and course content are taught according to the standards of universities in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.
After the end of the course and workshops, a valid certificate will be issued by the International Center and this certificate can be inquired and legally validated on the site.