Golden Diamond Group (GDG)

The future of international trade with a fair-weighted economy for all the people of the world is our goal and plan

Kamran Navandpour

Founder and CEO

Efficient & Smart of Commercial Trade

GDG specialize in facilitating profitable, effective, and safe international trade transactions. With a commitment to excellence, we leverage our expertise to ensure smooth and secure dealings for our clients worldwide. Our dedication to delivering exceptional service and fostering mutually beneficial relationships sets us apart as a trusted partner in the global marketplace. Count on us for seamless transactions that drive success and growth for your business.


Mining and Extraction
Building & Construction
Petrochemical Products
Crude Oil
Aviation & Areospace
Medicines & Equipment
Logistics & Shipping
Electronics & Comminucation
Metal & Steels
Cosmetic & Skin Care
Investment Projects


Product Supply Service

Supply all orders of customers' goods in the process of Export and Import in all win-win and safe conditions with the sellers and buyers You will find convenient and fast response procedures from our office. We will be with you for "safe and profitable" deals.

Logestic & Shipping

Worldwide products shipping 24 hours for customer service with the operation of various transportation services (Trucking, Ocean Freight, Rail-Freight, Air-freight) With the advantage of competitive costs, with a wide range of fleets, as well as performing all customs process services

Production & development

We will be by your side by investing in production projects and the development of various industries that will bring about economic stability and peace in the countries by providing financial and credit resources.

Branding & Marketing

Study and analysis of global markets to assign the best product presentation strategy to profitable and sustainable markets and sales development procedures for products and customer services


Increasing economic integration of countries is possible by promoting local production and free distribution in all international markets under the shadow of global justice and adherence to the principles of human ethics.

Commercial Smart Process

To become a member of Golden Diamond Partners and access finance and investment services, please fill out the appropriate form below.

Please fill out the form below and attach the necessary documents to register an order for the production or supply of your product, after reviewing and checking the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) listed under each product.

Golden Diamond Group Memberships


Global Commercial Trade

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