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The only way to bring lasting peace is through free economic activity and free international trade, free from all national and political prejudices for all peoples of the world. This is not possible except by launching the Silk Road of New World Trade and transferring the knowledge of trade emergence and awareness in the field of related sciences. In this way, the identity and dignity of all countries will be preserved, and each country will have a share in this global market to the extent of its production and humanitarian capacity.

One of the definitions of the theory of “Resistance Economy & Weightless Economy” is the utilization of all hardware and software production capacity, in balance with the needs of the markets of all countries with the priority of the country of origin. This definition is not limited to one country but is universal. This strategy requires the infrastructure and national will of the governments of the countries, which will result in prosperity, the production of national wealth, a stable dynamic economy, extensive entrepreneurship, and an increase in the value of the national currency of the countries. At the Golden Diamond Center for Economic Strategy Science, there are all the specialized and effective mechanisms and infrastructures for empowering the business of traders and industries, markets and economies of countries in the field of international trade.


Achieving justice in the distribution of the world’s resources and wealth for the well-being of the world’s people


Golden Diamond will be one of the top five trade promoters in the world.


Providing a weightless economic platform for countries with modern trade science and decentralization of colonies


Ethical & Polite behaviour, Mercy and compassion, Trade-centered approach, Excellence in every field, Transparency and fairness, Professional Teamwork, Integrity & Compliance with the law


The future is drawn better by international traders

Our Companies all around the world

We are based on the “doctrine of weightless global economy” and free and independent policies, which is the development of a fair economy for all the people of the world based on the territorial talents and capabilities of the mother’s resources, and also achieved “sustainable prosperity” appropriate to the culture of the land itself. In more than 60 countries of the world, by registering the company and establishing active offices, hiring professional and efficient staff and developing business relations in that country, we have increased our network from the number of 9000 people, and with a long-term plan, we have decided that in other countries regional and safe world, increase our investment and present our financial interests and technology development in the field of global trade and manufacturing industries to other countries.

High Sky Line

General Trading
Foods & Agriculture , Fuel , Petrochemical , Electronics & etc. Register Number : 545391

Dubai , United Emerate Arab (UAE)


General Trading
Register Number : xxxxx

Brussel (Established) Roma, Italy (Office)


General Trading
Finance & Investment Register Number : 1164674

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

GG Corporation

General Trading
Foods & Agriculture , Electronics Metal , & etc.
Register Number : 2913734

Hong Kong

Pioneers of Innovation

Energy Marketing
Green Energies, Oil, Gas, Crude Oil, Fuels, Petrochemical & etc.
Register Number : xxxx

Dubai , United Emerate Arab (UAE)

Bavylon Techsolutions

High Tech Group
Engineering Consulting & High-Tech Development
Register Number : 9697052026

Orebro, Sweden

Bretton Technologys

General Trading
Cybernetic & High-Tech Projects
Finance & Investment
Register Number : 14536442

London, United Kingdom

GS Gold Trade

Gold Marketing
Cooper, Silver, Gold & Metasl Expencive group etc.
Register Number : 136176-5

Istanbul, Turky

Golden Eastern Horizon Investment

General Trading
Supply & Investment in Carpet, Foods & Cunstraction Products Projects
Register Number : 1460483

Muscat, Oman

Golden Diamond Group

House of Natural Minerals LLC

Investment & Energy Trading
Supply & Investment in Fuels & Energy Products Projects
Register Number : 1092525

Muscat, Oman


General Trading Company
Mines , Energy & Food Categury
Register Number : CD/LSH/RCCM/22-B-02417

DRC Town, D.R.of the Congo

International Trading Educational Academy

General Trading
Global Trade strategy school
Think Tank Center
Register Number : 6584308

Stockholm, Sweden

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