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Engineering and management of global resources for the exchange of goods and services in the supply chain between countries in the context of risk-managed markets and transferring their prices in a secure banking platform or cryptocurrencies and receiving the desired costs and profits in the investment platform. It is called “world trade management knowledge”.
This knowledge of global trade management can be acquired in the steps of analysis and decision, with the perspective of playing a role in the global geometry of regional or continental power.

The useful science of Global Commercial Trade , requires a global view and having a mind and heart that is wide of all the people of the world.

Kamran Navandpour

Our Courses

  1. International Commercial Trade (ICT)
  2. World Bank and Swift Services
  3. International Commercial Documents
  4. Commercial Tourism Marketing
  5. Logistics Services Management 
  6. E-commerce
  7. Global Marketing & Branding
  8. Commercial Trade Diplomacy
  9. Specialized International Accounting
  10. Global and Regional Gold Trade
  11. Commercial & Marketing of Mines
  12. Commercial courts of countries
  13. Risk Management of Global Investments
  14. Investment and Business Security
  15. World Money Game (WMG)
  16. Cryptocurrency in new markets
  17. Business frauds and scams
  18. Professional market analysis

Golden Diamond Group 
International Trading Academy

Kamran Navandpour
Director Manager

Golden Diamond Group (GDG)

International Commercial Trade (ICT)
Course Content

  • Concepts of international trade
  • Resource engineering & Management in the world
  • International marketing and branding
  • Official business documents and procedures
  • World banking and Islamic banking
  • Logistics and international customs
  • Related global organizations and institutions
  • International Chamber of Commerce and Incoterms rules
  • Export oriented production management
  • Standard and quality of products in global markets
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Fraud, legal rules and arbitration of international trade courts
  • Business diplomacy and ethics in businessmen
  • Risk management in trading
  • Introduction of business applications
  • Specialized business language (English and Arabic)
  • Specialized branches of international trade
  • Money structure and currency game in the world
  • The doctrine of weightless economics
  • Iran’s role in engineering the future of the modern world
  • Investment in trade
  • Success and wealth
  • Online Course 
  • Duration : Advanced Course 15 Days / Initial Course : 3 Days  
  • International Masters 
  • Certification: International Licence
  • Final Examination & Project 
  • Unic Job Opportunity and Investment for 5 Topest educated

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