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Q Foods Triding LLC

Welcome to Q Foods Trading Company, a reputable food company registered in Qatar. We specialize in the production and supply of agricultural and food products, ensuring strict compliance with international and local food standards. Our extensive range of activities includes the supply of raw materials to factories and supermarket chains, as well as health packaged items and food supplements.

At Q Foods Trading Company, we are dedicated to serving global markets in all countries. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our emphasis on response speed, product quality, fast delivery, and secure payment methods. These core values form the foundation of our successful cooperation with partners and clients worldwide.

With a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, we are steadfast in our mission to deliver premium agricultural and food products to a diverse international audience. Join us in our journey of providing top-quality products that meet the highest


1. Supplying agricultural products: providing agricultural products such as wheat, barley, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

2. Supplying livestock products: providing meat, chicken, fish and other livestock products.

3. Provision of processed food: provision of processed food products such as edible oils, flour, sugar and dairy products.

4. Provision of packaged food: providing packaged food in a hygienic and quality manner.

5. Providing food supplements: providing food supplements such as vitamins, minerals and protein supplements.

6. Shipping and delivery services: providing fast and safe shipping services to deliver products to different countries.

7. Technical advice and support: providing technical advice and support services in the field of food and agriculture.

8. Provision of organic products: Providing organic products without the use of chemical pesticides.

9. Provision of special products: providing special and unique products of each country based on its needs.




  • Company Name : Q Foods Trading LLC
  • Licence Number : 188001
  • Director Manager : Dr. Saeid Reza Sharif
  • Location : Doha, Qatar 
  • Phone : +9743991 5104 & +97450020480
  • Email : qatar@golden-eshop.com
  • Website : Link
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