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Kruta – The Pinnacle of Fresh Tomato Paste

Kruta tomato paste represents the pinnacle of organic, export-quality ingredients. Crafted with an uncompromising commitment to excellence, Kruta is the result of meticulous attention to detail at every stage of production.
We source only the most pristine, hand-picked tomatoes from carefully selected farms, ensuring each batch bursts with the vibrant flavor and rich, full-bodied texture that discerning chefs and home cooks demand. Our state-of-the-art production facilities, outfitted with the latest food processing technology, allow us to preserve the natural goodness of the tomatoes while upholding the highest standards of purity and food safety.
Under the watchful eye of seasoned food science experts, Kruta is meticulously tested and refined to achieve a level of quality that is simply unmatched. From the nutrient-dense soil in which the tomatoes are grown to the vacuum-sealed packaging that locks in freshness, every step of the Kruta journey is designed to deliver an unparalleled tomato paste experience.
Whether you’re a professional chef crafting signature dishes for the world’s most discerning palates or a home cook seeking to elevate your family’s favorite recipes, Kruta is the organic tomato paste that will transform your culinary creations. Discover the difference that true quality and passion can make in your kitchen.


For tomato paste, a Brix reading around 27-30 is considered a good, high-quality range. This indicates the tomatoes used to make the paste were very ripe and sweet. Tomato paste with a Brix of 27 would be considered to have a relatively high sugar/solids content, making it quite thick, flavorful and concentrated compared to tomato paste with a lower Brix.



No Dyes

No Molda

No Yeast

No Thickeners

No Adding Starch

No Aerobic Termophilic Bacteria

No Aerobic Mesophilic Bacteria

Golden Diamond Group (GDG)

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