Established in Brussels in 2007, Elba grouped European lawyers and business advisors intending to provide the economic and financial global community with state-of-the-art services throughout the most significant and fast-developing markets.

ELBA Solution

Our unique business approach helps us solve business problems, improve business performance, and deliver customer value to businesses of all levels and worldwide.

Change Management

Large businesses can sometimes face high-risk situations during times of change. Our business consultants are here to help businesses create change strategies, minimize risks, and boost their ability to successfully implement.

Business Growth

Running a successful business without the proper experience can be hard in this global and competitive

environment. We help businesses to grow faster healthily and steadily. Our growth strategies and techniques are individually tailored in a way that does not put businesses in high-risk situations.


  • Focuses on corporate clients and institutional investors from the UK, Continental Europe and Middle East.
  • Analyses and structures projects, develop financial models, and creates investor presentations.
  • Organizes equity and non-recourse debt finance.
  • Supports M&A transactions, including detailed contract negotiations.
  • Offers consultancy services such as commercial Due Diligence and commercial contract negotiations.
  • Trade commodities (mainly oil-refined products) and organize financial sale and purchase contracts between suppliers and end buyers, acting as Principal but with no price risk.

Strategy Development

We help our clients in achieving their growth by developing and implementing effective growth strategies.
We have a deep understanding of the issues businesses face during the implementation of strategies and it helps us to reach the strategic goals of our clients successfully. Our foreign policy advisors may come from a variety of backgrounds. They may be former scientists, lawyers, economists, and even teachers. These professionals in international relations perform research through experiential situations and provide the government and other public institutions with their findings in several areas relevant to international relations and foreign policy, such as Trade, Global food supplies, and Energy. We are valuable in a variety of settings, including consulting companies, think tanks, universities, and nonprofit organizations.


Welcome to the Global Legal Network

Dr. Gianluca Meranda

ELBA CEO and President

Dr. Gianluca Meranda is a highly accomplished legal professional with a wealth of expertise in Corporate and International Law. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Meranda has established himself as a prominent and influential figure in the legal field.
Currently, Dr. Meranda serves as the President of ELBA – European Lawyers and Business Advisors in Brussels, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s direction and success. Furthermore, Dr. Meranda is a respected Corporate Member of BILA – British Italian Law Association in London, further solidifying his reputation as a legal expert.
Not only is Dr Meranda accomplished in his professional endeavours, but he is also dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of legal professionals. As a visiting lecturer in EU Law at the University of Orebro in Sweden, he imparts his wisdom and passion for law to aspiring individuals.
Overall, Dr Meranda’s extensive experience, diverse professional affiliations, and commitment to mentorship make him a highly respected and sought-after legal expert.

Gianluca Meranda

Dr. Shahriar Alemi

ELBA Vice President

Dr. Shahriar Alemi, is a highly experienced professional in business development and a senior legal advisor.

He brings over 30 years of expertise in creating valuable networking opportunities within the realm of international trading. Dr Alemi is skilled in effective communication management and has a proven track record of establishing long-term relationships with global customers.

Furthermore, he excels in efficiently managing complex supply chain networks for the distribution of products in diverse industries such as energy, agriculture and food, medicine, aerospace and aviation, petrochemicals, precious metals, and mining.

Shahriar Alemi


ELBA clients, among others

The European CommissionGolden Diamond Group(GDG)McDonnell Douglas Corporation (Boeing)EADS/Eurocopter (Airbus Group)
KUE (Komatsu)Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesToyota Material HandlingVerwater
Acciona AguaGuangdong Electric Power Design Institute (China Energy)Finmeccanica (Leonardo)FINSO (Fincantieri Group)
Società Italiana per
Condotte d’Acqua
Todini Costruzioni GeneraliProgerItalconsult
Ente Nazionale Aviazione CivileEnte Nazionale Assistenza VoloMonte dei Paschi di SienaBanca Popolare di Sondrio

More than 100 other Gelobal Mega Clients

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